First Lutheran Church Capital Campaign

From Our Pastor

Dear Members and Friends,

The season of Epiphany begins January 6. It’s a day when we remember how Jesus became known to the three wise men (or “magi”) who came from a distant land. It was the first time that people outside the Jewish faith came to know Jesus as Lord. Almost 2,000 years have passed. Many have yet to know Jesus as Lord. The call to make Christ known continues.


Over the past few years, we have been watching consistent growth within our congregation, not only in numbers but also in depth of faith. We have seen breakthroughs in areas of missions and discipleship. We have gone beyond our maximum capacity at V.B.S. We have watched the numbers of children at children’s sermons grow.

Our leadership has been praying for God’s guidance as we look to the future. We made use of a feasibility study to listen to our members. On September 9, we voted as a congregation to investigate the possibility of purchasing land. On October 14, we voted to extend an offer on a piece of land. We also voted to enter into a contract with Kirby-Smith Associates to help us raise funds. Our offer to purchase the land is currently under contract, scheduled to close January 15.

In the last few weeks, a planning group of people in our congregation has been working hard to develop our fundraising campaign. We have begun to plan many exciting events. We have chosen the theme “Building on Faith – Trusting what God will do.”

As we enter into the weeks and months to come, I hope you will be able to find a meaningful way to be a part of this new chapter. We’re in this together. Everyone’s participation matters, whether you consider your ability to participate “large” or “small”.

And so, I invite you to join with me and the rest of our congregation in doing three things:

  • Join us in praying for God’s continued blessing and guidance as we embark on this great undertaking.
  • Be a part of this project as it kicks into gear in the New Year and builds momentum towards our Kick-off Event and Commitment Sunday in Lent. (You will receive an invitation in the mail.)
  • Please give prayerful consideration to how God might be calling you to support this venture. (You’ll be receiving more information on the pledging process in the near future.)

God is good. We have been seeing his hand at work within our midst. I look forward to walking with you in the days and years to come, guided by His Spirit.

Together in God’s grace!

Pastor John

Campaign Financial Goal: $950,000

A Message from our Campaign Co-Chair

Over the past several months, the congregation at FLC has had discussions and votes to pursue the possibility of relocating our church campus. The support for this opportunity has been overwhelming.

I have been a lifelong member at FLC, as have my parents, grandparents, and great grandparents. My wife Margie and I have raised our three children here, and now are blessed that they and their spouses and children worship here as well.

I see FLC at a blessed and very unique point in our faith journey. We are part of a community that is growing, especially with young people and their children. Our members are faithful and brave, they understand that a project such as this can only be successful if we “Build on Faith and Trust What God Will Do!” And, in Pastor John, we have a minister who truly understands the meaning of “shepherding” his flock. These are just a few of our Blessings!

I ask that you join me in prayer, reflecting on your blessings and means, to consider a sacrificial pledge to this campaign.

God Bless,
Russell Boening

First Lutheran’s Strategic Plan: Phase I ($950,000)

We would be able to accomplish:

  • Pay for land ($700,000)
  • Enlist architect and any other necessary consultants to prepare architectural drawings for a new worship space & additional facilities ($50,000)
  • Initial site work in preparation for Phase II ($150,000)
  • Results of Phase I would determine how quickly we move to Phase II.

First Lutheran’s Strategic Plan: Phase II

  • Additional Site Work
  • Begin Building on new property: worship, fellowship, and classroom space.

The Why:

Growth: God is bringing more people to First Lutheran and we are experiencing continued growth in membership.

Challenge: We are outgrowing property & facility: worship, annex, classroom, and parking space.

Need: To advance the cause of Christ and to provide for present and future generations, there must be an expansion of property, facility, ministry, and outreach to our growing community.

The How:

Prayer: Praying faithfully for God’s guidance and support in meeting our goals.

Completing Phase I of our Strategic Plan: Fully funding the purchase of land, services of an architectural firm, and costs of initial property and zoning preparations.

Not Equal Gifts but Equal Sacrifice: Looking at how each of us can demonstrate faithful stewardship with what God has given us and making a financial gift towards our capital campaign.

The Blessings:

Positioning for Phase II: The purchase of land, creation of architectural drawings, and completion of initial property and zoning, will position First Lutheran for Phase II: To begin building our ministry facility on our new property.

Strengthening Ministry: This endeavor will move us towards discipling members of First Lutheran in an even better way and provide for our future generations – our eyes must be on our children and grandchildren in the faith.

Fulfilling Our Mission: Our mission remains the same – to do whatever we need to do to advance the cause of Christ. It is our belief, as we move forward in this ministry, that increasing numbers of people will come to know Jesus Christ because of this commitment and investment.

Campaign Timeline

In worship on March 17, we will kick off our campaign with a message shared by Pastor Paul Austin. At each worship service, members will receive their Campaign Commitment Card. We will celebrate this important day in the life of our congregation with a special gathering with food and fellowship.

On Commitment Weekend everyone will be asked to make a financial commitment to the “Building on Faith – Trusting What God Will Do” campaign. In worship on March 31, a festive worship will be planned with special music and a message from Pastor John.

The “Building on Faith – Trusting What God Will Do” commitment period will begin May 1, 2019 and end on May 31, 2022.

Blessing Our Brothers and Sisters of Houston Oromo

First Lutheran has had a strong reputation for advancing Christ’s kingdom beyond Floresville. For several years, our Missions Team has been working on behalf of our sister congregation, Houston Oromo Evangelical (Lutheran) Church. They too have been outgrowing their worship space and need to move to a new church building.

The Council and Missions Team will be providing an option for a percentage of your contribution to go to the building fund of Houston Oromo, should you so desire. It’s up to you. You decide.

Many of us had ancestors who came to this country with very limited means. They were dependent upon the help they could receive from others. Now may be a good time to pass on the same blessings that were extended to our ancestors many years ago.

Campaign Prayer

Almighty God,

We give thanks for all Your great gifts to us. You have called us to be Your people and to share the Gospel of Christ. Fill us with Your Holy Spirit that we may be empowered to share in the work of Your kingdom. Grant us the gift of giving so that Your people may boldly step forward in faith as Your ministry of worship, witness, discipleship, and service continues to grow. May Your kingdom come and Your will be done through us.

In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

Frequently Asked Questions


A. You will be asked to make a faith promise to the “Capital Campaign.” A “Faith Promise” is a gift commitment that represents a sacrifice to support God’s work. The total amount you pledge may be given over a three-year period and is in addition to the amount you now regularly commit to First Lutheran.


A. You will be presented with several options as to how you may share your “Faith Promise”. It is up to you to decide, with prayerful thought, the “Faith Promise” that best fits your family’s ability to contribute. Once you have made your choice, you will receive a specially marked envelope with a “Faith Promise Pledge Card”, which you are asked to return on “Commitment Sunday.”


A. You could; however, we would not know how much to expect from your family, nor would we have any idea of our projected income.


A. Yes, of course. The future of any member is uncertain. Some may find themselves in better circumstances and be able to give more while others may face unforeseen situations that may cause them to lower their giving. The purpose of the “Faith Promise” is to give First Lutheran an idea of how much we can expect to raise from our congregation.


A. Yes. These donations may include property, stocks, or other tangible assets. Please contact our Kirby-Smith Consultant, Pastor Paul Austin, for further information.


A. You may wish to make an initial contribution immediately on Commitment Weekend, but the regular contribution period will begin May 1, 2019. The campaign period covers three years or 150 weeks.


A. Yes, this is in addition to your regular contribution. Our annual budget is for carrying on the daily ministry of our church and does not include the possibilities that our capital campaign can bring.

Download Campaign Materials

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